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How to participate?

For evaluation of the material, the photographer must submit 50 images in low resolution format (15x23cm - 72DPI) to the e-mail, to be reviewed by our team of professionals.
To have your pictures in our bank (if approved) the photographer must, necessarily, have captured their images in digital form, obtained in RAW, processed and sent in TIFF at 240DPI, with all the metadata and the maximum possible keywords facilitating the research and sale to our customers.
After examination and approval of images, the photographer will receive an email with the details of the arrangements for membership, the instructions for registration of images and a contract should be reviewed and signed on 3 routes.



Affiliated Photographer:

The photographer is one who is affiliated with your images hosted on the site, receiving special attention in disclosing their photos through our newsletters and other graphic materials (postcards, catalogs, magazines, folders) sent periodically to our customers.
The Photographer affiliate will receive a login and password to register and manage your images on site under supervision of the Agency Fotomundo, and get monthly report for your records.
To have all these advantages the Fotomundo Photos charge a membership fee and monthly fee of US$40.00 (forty dollars) paid by bank transfer.
The photographer paid monthly and is affiliated with 50% of the image leased.


Photographer Partner:

The photographer partner have your images hosted in the bank, get a login and password to register and manage your images on the site under the supervision of the Agency Fotomundo.
The photographer Partner receive a smaller percentage, being exempt from payment of tuition. The photographer partner pays no monthly fee and takes 30% of the image leased.

Prices of images

Prices vary depending on use reported by the client (editorial, advertising, printed materials, signage, etc.).
These tables, which will be available on site only for customers logged and registered.
In case of lease of the images, the photographer will receive the value (%) according to the plan chosen, after discounting taxes. In case of any negotiation more specific we will contact the photographer to decide whether to authorize the lease of your images.


Important notes:
Links will not be accepted for viewing photos (Flickr, Picasa, Orkut, MySpace);
If approved, will NOT be accepted for the bank, captured images in JPEG.