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Legal Orientations


Read Carefully

The following terms & conditions are one agreement between you and Fotomundo Fotografias LTDA ME. When using the site of Fotomundo Fotografias and/or when downloading any content or when activating your account in the community pages (as clearly described below) you agree to the following terms.

If you don’t agree please do not use the site.
THIS TERM CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS RELATED TO RIGHTS AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS, OF PENAL AND CIVEL ORDER, AND ONE SPECIFIC PARAGRPHO TO SOLVE LITIGIOUS AND HOW THYE WILL BE SOLVED. These terms are applicable to you when using the site by your own and to you and your employer when using under its name. Fotomundo Fotografias can change these terms according with our own criteria and the use of the site will be the use of the latest version available in that time. If you are using the site in a condition of employed, licensed worker, or legal representative of others, be sure that the responsible has all information about his actions and agree with them.

These terms are part of the obligations described in the Contrato de Licenca de Conteudo da Fotomundo Fotografias applicable when existing. In case of conflict between these terms and the Contrato de de Licenca de Conteudo da Fotomundo Fotografias this last one listed will be the valid one. If you are not sure about your rights and obligations regarding this term, contact us at

Permited use of these site

This site is owned by Fotomundo Fotografias LTDA ME. and is handled and administrated by us.
All images and informative materials supplied by Fotomundo Fotografias in any media in these site, including texts, subtitles and information generically called “Conteudo” belongs to Fotomundo Fotografias or their licensees and are under law protection mainly the law No. 9.610/98 beside the international agreements and conventions that Brazil is member.
Except with? permission of this contract or the the Contrato de Licenca de Conteudo da Fotomundo Fotografias it is prohibited the copy or electronic transmission of any part of this site or any content by any media and all rights related are still property of Fotomundo Fotografias.


If you do not agree with the terms of use of the RMS by Fotomundo Fotografias do not use the site or its any of its content. You may not deactivate any tool of technology in our site. You can not remove any copyright or intellectual property messages present in this site in their subtitles information or any other material in this site. Also, expect with written permission of Fotomundo Fotografias you cannot:

(I) create a link or use any software, algorithm, any form of digital technology to research in our site or make copies of our internal material in any form

(II) Violate the restrictions of the site or ignore the tools used (by us) to limit and control de access and its content by invasion or others ways

(III) Copy, redirect or explore the site’s content

(IV) explore, check or test the vulnerability of the site or the support server or look for information about the site’s visitors or personal informations of our clients

(V) Use any form of device, software or routine that can create a malfunctioning of our site or commercial transactions through the site

Fotomundo Fotografias keeps the rights of, according with own criteria, to revogate?? at any time the permission to download and use the information & contents as well other information and, for any reason, with our without the previous notification of this revogation.

By the same way Fotomundo Fotografias is able to restrict or remove the site’s content for any reason. Besides that, you are responsible for back up of your data and any other content licensed by the site and Fotomundo Fotografias gives no guarantee that the licensed material will be available (in the site).

Any action resulting in a transgression of these Brazilian copyrights law and intellectual property - mainly the Lei No. 9.610/98 - and also the international agreements and conventions what Brazil is an active member will give the legal ways to Fotomundo Fotografias to take all actions administrative e judicial, including penalties against all users and beneficiaries of these using and content

Fotomundo Fotografias can charge you the amount equivalent to ten times the license value by any non authorized use of this site’s content without any loses of others extra expenses of the non correct use of the site made by you.


Fotomundo Private Politics is applicable to this site, and its terms and conditions are whole part of these Terms. You understand that the information and messages sent (for example financing information) are coded and/or encrypted.

Note that when using the Paginas da Comunidade da Fotomundo Fotografias, including blogs and forums, detailed below, you must understand and be clear that any personal information sent by you could be read, recorded and stored, or even used by any user of this forum and could be used for the mailing of information not requested.

Fotomundo Fotogafias is not responsible for the personal identification information informed by yourself in these pages. You can, at anytime, request your information recorded by Fotomundo Fotografias, as well as correct and exclude such information regarding this Community Pages by contacting us.

Registering one Account in Fotomundo Fotografias

By creating an account, you agree to give us correct and reliable information. Fotomundo Fotografias holds the right to provide or not provide you with an account, depending of our own criteria. And you agree to access your account using only the account number and password supplied by Fotomundo Fotografias.

You are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your account number and password, if applicable, and must not distribute the access information neither allow that such information be used by another person to access the site. You agree to take all actions to avoid that other people obtain your access information and will inform Fotomundo Fotografias about any non authorized use or the need to update or remove the access of any agent or employees working for you.You are responsible to pay the fees of all material downloaded by others using your account, with or without permission and agreement, before to notify Fotomundo Fotografias about the non authorized use. You agree and understand that you are solely responsible for any consequences resulting of the use of your account.Also you understand and agree that is the your responsibility? to any access, use, and “proveito” of the “conteudo” “directly connected to the account and password supplied to you by Fotomundo Fotografias and that, Fotomundo Fotografias for this reason is authorized to accept the account information and password as a clear and conclusive evidence and prove that you accessed and used our web content.
Fotomundo fotografias has no responsibility for loses originated by not following these obligations. You agree in not to acquire the rights of use,  property or finance as a result of the use of one account in Fotomundo Fotografias web site or related services.


By convenience, our site can be linked from another different site according to your interest, but they are not under control of Fotomundo Fotografias. These links does not mean that Fotomundo Fotografias agrees with them, and we are not responsible by availability, web content in any linked site

Copyright violation notification

Fotomundo Fotografias can block and close the account of users “ infringing on the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that your web content is being copied in any way against the copyright politics and such violation on our site, send Fotomundo Fotografias a message informing: (I) a signature or electronic signature of the owner of the copyright or the authorized person to act in his name; (II) a description of the copied material and the identification of which material were copied; (III) a description where the copied material is located in our site; (IV) Information in order to Fotomundo Fotografias contact you like your mailing address, telephone and email address; (V) one form declaring that the identified copied material was not authorized by the copyright owner, your agent or the law; (VI) one declaration from you that all information supplied are correct and are under penalidade de perjurio if you are the copyright owner or the person authorized to act in his name.

Is possible to contact the Fotomundo Fotografias representative for notifying copyright violations at;

Fotomundo Fotografias
Rua Anita Garibaldi, 79 Sala 503
Centro - Florianópolis SC - BRASIL
Telephone: +55 48 3224-5660


Litigations issues
If elected the Comarca de Florianópolis to solve any litigation from of this Term, renouncing to any other, even being more capable the parts confirm that this contract as well other complimentary documents attached, including notifications, must be written in Portuguese Language.
In case of disagreement between the parts, Fotomundo Fotografias has the rights to charge you for all legal expenses.

User´s acceptance

You understand and agree that, independent of the acquisition, the compilation, the collection, the interpretation, the report, the communication, the offer and the digital web contect input, there will be one degree of error that cannot be avoided, even with all resources of control and quality that exceed patterns. Besides m you understand that the Conteudo de Terceiros e Conteudo de Usuario will be informed and supplied by others and Fotomundo Fotografias cannot control this content.

The following items represent violation of this contract and may result in the immediate restriction of use or account suspension;

- any use of the site or any content to illegal purposes such as supporting illegal activities. Fotomundo Fotografias holds the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or others to investigate any crime or civil offense.

- reach or try to reach, people under 18 in any way including without limitation child pronography

- transmission of any material by (email or upload), publishing or other media that amecae ou encoraje ferimentos corporais or proprierty destruction or that agrida other people, phisically or moralmente

- make self commercial usage of any page of Paginas da Comunidade da Foromundo Fotografias including offers of goods or services over the Forum;

- fake offers of products and services, items and services (including Conteudo), or to promote and merchandise any non illegal act, like Pyramids, chains and others

- add, remove or change any information in the header of the net to mistake anybody, or try to assume the identity of other people using headers or other informations of false ID

- transmission of emails “in batch” or non requested commercial emails, or malignant intentions to block other people to use the email services or electronic news, or even actions forging message headers, in total or partial, of any electronic transmission, originated in Fotomundo Fotografias service or finally “passando por ele”

-  to access, or try to access the accounts of other people or violate, or try to violate into security procedures of Fotomundo Fotografias or computer’s hardware and/or software , electronic communication system’s or telecommunication systems, even if the violation has produced or not in corruption or data’s loss.

- the transmission of any material (by email and/or upload, publishing or by other way) that goes against the copyrights licenses, commercial brands, patents, commercial secrets or other property rights including, but not limited to, the non authorized copy and distribution of photography of magazines, books or others protected sources by copyrights and the non authorized transmission of software protected by proper copyrights licenses

- retrieve or try to retrieve, the personal information of others without notice or permission (of others) or agreement of violation of any statement or applicable law.

- any activity that inpinge the capacity of other people, or systems, to block the use the services of Fotomundo Fotografias or the Internet. This includes but not limits to, the attacks of “negação de serviços” (DOS) against other net - hosts or individual users. Is forbidden the interference or interruption of others users, services, equipments of our net

- any adulteration or false declarations, written or by other actions with the objective to provocate destinatary´s reaction.

Intentional distribution of software to cause (or try to cause) any types of damage, besiege or other disturbance to people, datas, and/or computer´s system; The use of software or device to make easy the continuous connection, i.e. ping´s actions, when using the services supplied by Fotomundo Fotografias.

Donation or re-selling of free access to the services and resources of Fotomundo Fotografias.

Restricted Acess

You agree that you will not enter in restricted areas of the computer system of Fotomundo Fotografias or will perform functions that you are not authorized to perform, according with this Term. Fotomundo Fotografias can, without notice, discontinue partial or total access to the site and its content, cancel your account and access password, in the event that Fotomundo Fotografias has reasons to suspect that you are using the account and access password to obtain non authorized access to other systems or other information on Fotomundo Fotografias, or that you are using the account and access password in a manner deemed not suitable.
This suspensions will be valid during the necessary time to investigate the activities. Fotomundo Fotografias can close an account immediately, with out notice, if proved that you performed non authorized actions or if these actions could not be explained in a acceptable way.

Term Suspension

This Term is valid until be cancelled by Fotomundo Fotografias, by it own criteria. Fotomundo Fotografias is eligible to cancel this Term with or without notice and will do so if you try to use the content hosted in the site in a way contrary to the orientations and rules agreed upon.

The topics of Responsibility Liability, Garaties, Responsibility Limitations, Cancelling and Litigations present in this Term must be valid even after the cancelling or void of such contract.

Overseas Users

The site is controlled, operated and managed by Fotomundo Fotografias under their main office in Brazil. The site can be accessed all over the world and may contain references to contents not available in a particular country, including products and services. Such references do not indicate the intention of Fotomundo Fotografias to make business, promote or distribute such content, including products and services in your country. If you access the site abroad (from Brazil), you are responsible to follow the local requirements and laws.


Questions can be cleared by email to by the telephone +55 48 3224 5660 or in our office at:

79 Anita Garibaldi #503
Florianópolis SC